Link Hoard Special!

Link Hoard Special!

Na Déithe libh mo chairde,

Samhain is nigh as we approach the portal to the Dark Half of the Year. During these upcoming months, folks tend to read more as they are tucked in at home for longer hours, keeping snuggly and warm against the long cold nights. But what to read?

Folks often ask me what are some good books, videos, podcasts, etc to help guide them along in their Celtic Studies. The first thing I usually query in return is, “what is your experience level and what are your specific areas of interest?” I can recommend any number of starting points depending on how and where you want to focus. The world is an infinitely fascinating place, and just the specific field of Celtic Studies is an enormous area of study that can take a lifetime - more than a lifetime! - to really explore in any depth. Even in the ancient Celtic world, tis said to become a Druid required 20 years of dedicated training!

The following is a list of my most recommended online resources for various aspects of Celtic culture, spirituality, folklore, and mythology. The focus in this blog post is on podcasts, Youtube channels, and the associated websites of their presenters.

Happy exploring! ‘Go néirí an bóthar leat!

~ Reverend Erika Rivertree

This first link is a Samhain Playlist I made on Youtube. This one is just for the fun of it!



Cailleach’s Herbarium is a collective of Scottish folks presenting research on Scottish folklore, folk magic, and folk traditions.

Youtube channel: Cailleach Herbarium

Website: Cailleach's Herbarium - Exploring Lost Scottish Folk Traditions


Candlelit Tales is a brother and sister team from Dublin who do storytelling of Irish myths.

Youtube channel: Candlelit Tales

Website: Candlelit Tales – Breathing Life back into Myths & Legends


Through Mythical Ireland, Anthony Murphy presents his research into Irish megalithic history, mythology, and folklore.

Youtube channel: Mythicalireland

Website: Mythical Ireland New Light on the Ancient Past


Cynefin is a Welsh folk music and folklore project founded by Owen Shiers.

Youtube channel: Cynefin



Celtic Source is the Welsh mythology research project of Dr. Gwilym Morus-Baird. He discusses various aspects of Celtic myth and culture, with a particular focus on Welsh and Irish source texts.

Youtube channel: Celtic Source

Website: Celtic Source – Exploring the myths of the Celtic nations


The Youtube channel of Christopher Tait, a charming and engaging Robert Burns performer: Robert Burns Live


Gaol Naofa is a group that promotes Gaelic Polytheism and Gaelic culture.

Youtube channel: GaolNaofa

Website: Gaol Naofa | Gaelic Polytheism


The Highland Village Museum is an outdoor living history museum that tells the story of Scottish Gaelic settlement in Nova Scotia.

Youtube channel: Highland Village Museum

Website: Highland Village Museum


Author Manchan Magan presents videos on folkloric aspects of the Irish language and culture.

Youtube channel: Manchán Magan

Manchan Magan’s Almanac of Ireland Podcast: The Almanac of Ireland


Ronan Kelly’s Ireland features videos of interesting people and places in Ireland, interviewed by Ronan Kelly.

Youtube channel: Ronan Kelly's Ireland


The Brehon Academy presents videos on various aspects of Irish mythology, folklore, and history.

Youtube channel: Brehon Academy

Website: Brehon Academy


Bluiríní Béaloidis is the podcast from The National Folklore Collection, University College Dublin, and is a platform to explore Irish and wider European folk tradition across an array of subject areas and topics.

Podcast on Soundcloud: Blúiríní Béaloidis / Folklore Fragments


Tell Me A Story with Eddie Lenihan is the podcast of Ireland’s most well known storyteller, cultural preservationist, and folklorist, Eddie Lenihan.

Youtube channel: Tell Me A Story Podcast with Eddie Lenihan


Culture Vannin, promoting and supporting all aspects of culture on the Isle of Man.

Youtube channel: Culture Vannin

Website: Culture Vannin


Hidden Glen Folk School of Scottish Highland Heritage is the project of author and educator Dr. Michael Newton dedicated to reclaiming and revitalizing the authentic native culture, history, and traditions of the Scottish Highlands and its diaspora.

Website: Hidden Glen Folk School


Celtic Myth Podshow is produced by husband and wife team Gary and Ruthie Colcombe. This is a heartful and fun series of Celtic storytelling with holiday episodes and musical specials.

Website: Celtic Myth Podshow


Celtic Tomes is another project by Gary and Ruthie Colcombe. In this podcast series, they present reading from classic tomes of Celtic lore and study.

Website: Celtic Tomes


Bard Mythologies is a modern Irish bardic storytelling tradition.

Youtube channel: Bard Mythologies

Website: Irish Mythic Storytelling


Stories of Scotland, an award-winning podcast exploring Scottish history through blethering.

Website: Stories of Scotland Podcast


Folklore Scotland Podcast tells tales of the past with the technology of today.

Website: Folklore Scotland


Celtic Students Conference brings together students of Celtic languages, literatures and related disciplines both academically and socially, as well as to represent and promote their interests. Youtube channel: Celtic Students Conference

Website: Celtic Students Conference


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