Reincarnations of Celtic Myth

Na Déithe libh mo chairde,
Anyone who takes up a study of Celtic mythology will quickly discover there are thousands of books on the subject. Where to begin? The sheer volume can be overwhelming! Besides translated collections of the myths themselves, there are studies and commentaries on the myths, presenting a whole spectrum of orientation from academic/scholarly to experiential/mystic, and everywhere in-between. These can all be helpful to engage the process of cultivating your own understanding and relationship with Celtic mythology, but there’s another often overlooked source: novels.
Celtic mythology reincarnated in novel form can really help bring these ancient stories to life for a modern audience in ways that are more accessible and engaging than the stilted jargon which can often hamper academic studies or compilations, especially those from decades ago. But it’s also somewhat dependent upon the delivery, and there are of course Celtic Studies academicians who have some literary flourish. You just have to find whose style most resonates with you.
In this blog post, I would like to recommend some of my favorite modern retellings of Celtic mythology in novel, and graphic novel, form. These fantastical romps through ancient landscapes of mythos and magic have indeed enriched my imagination and brought blessings of inspiration to my life throughout the years. May they do the same for you.
~ Reverend Erika Rivertree
Gregory Frost:
The Tain and Remscéla
Manda Scott: 
Boudica Series
Alcott Allison: The White Stone
Eric Linklater: A Spell For Old Bones
Jim FitzPatrick: ErinSaga,
Book of Conquests,
and Silver Arm
Sean Fitzgerald: The Last Battle Of Moytura
and Lugh Na Bua
Jacquie Wood: Cliffdreamers (pre-Celtic era)
J.S. Dunn: Bending the Boyne (pre-Celtic era)
Morgan Llywelyn: Red Branch
and The Horse Goddess
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