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The Highland Bard

Vanilla Spiced Tea Jelly

Vanilla Spiced Tea Jelly

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The Highland Bard Tea Jelly is Jelly made entirely with Tea! No fruit! This Vegan product is also low in sugar, with half the amount of sugar as most jelly.


Boone - Kentucky. Beam - Bourbon. With two iconic families in our ancestry, this jelly is destined to be.


This vanilla spiced flavor with Bourbon undertones tastes amazing over meats as a glaze. It is excellent on the grill, the smooth texture melts perfectly over chicken, pork loin, or lamb. It mixes well with BBQ sauce if you prefer something spicy with hints of fruity sweetness. There are so many applications to our Jelly!

Tea (Caffine-free rooibos, calendula petals, almond slices, vanilla, natural flavors), Sugar, Pectin, Bourbon Tincture (Kentucky Bourbon, Organic vanilla beans)

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