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The Highland Bard

Apple Spiced Tea Jelly

Apple Spiced Tea Jelly

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Conla, the son of an Irish King, was given an apple by a fairy that granted him eternal youth. We're not saying our jelly grants eternal youth, but why take chances? Eat. Enjoy. Live.


The Highland Bard's Tea Jelly is Jelly made entirely with Tea! No fruit! This Vegan product is low in sugar, almost half the amount as most Jelly.


Apple Spiced Tea Jelly is made with Uisce Beatha, the Water of Life. In Gaelic, the water of life means Whiskey. Whiskey is an important cultural drink in Ireland and Scotland, dating back to monks producing it in the middle ages. Today, Jameson Whickey is the most well-known Irish Whiskey, and The Highland Bard uses this Water of Life in our Jelly as a special tincture.


If you aren't familiar with tinctures, not to worry! They are flavored extracts made from herbs or spices perserved in alochol. This highly concentrated and natural flavor adds a unique element to our Jelly - but don't worry, there is no alochol content (it all boils off)!


This spiced apple flavor with a hint of whiskey tastes amazing over meats as a glaze. It is excellent on the grill, the smooth texture melts perfectly over chicken, pork loin, or lamb. It mixes well with BBQ sauce if you prefer something spicy with hints of fruity sweetness. There are so many applications to our Jelly!


Tea (Black tea, apple pieces, cinnamon, blackberry leaves, safflower petals, natural flavors), Sugar, Pectin, Irish Whiskey Tincture (Jameson Whiskey, Cloves, Cinnamon)

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