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The Highland Bard

Cwm Cych Deer Necklet

Cwm Cych Deer Necklet

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This figure of a deer is based on a single carved deer from a stone cross in Scotland, here modified and duplicated to form a mirror image design. Such designs are typical of Celtic Art, reflecting the twin aspects of Earthly and Otherworldly life which feature so strongly in the legends.

This design’s title comes from the story of Pwyll Prince of Dyfed, which is part of an ancient collection of British legends called the Mabinogion. While hunting a deer in Cwm Cych, Pwyll finds that another huntsman's dogs have claimed the animal before he can reach it. He drives them off his kill, but then finds that the dogs belonged to Arawn, the King of the Otherworld. To be forgiven for this offence, Pwyll must change places with the King and kill his enemy in the Otherworld. The mirror-image in the design is based on this exchange of identities.

Two other designs, Hounds of Annwn and Two Princes, are also based on this legend.


Medium: 925 Sterling Silver

Size: 34 x 27mm

Chain: 16''(40cm) Silver Trace Chain (split)

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