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The Highland Bard

Raven Moon Rising Leggings

Raven Moon Rising Leggings

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This image is meant to impart a sense of transformation. The ogham script reads: FREEDOM. Freedom to be YOU. Arthur, the legendary guardian of Britain, is associated with ravens. In Cornwall, which is also steeped in Celtic lore, it was believed that Arthur didn't really die, but was magically transformed into a raven. The Celts were a warlike people, and the presence of ravens on the battlefield would have been very familiar to them. The Irish goddess, Morrigan, had a number of different guises. In her aspect as a bloodthirsty goddess of war, she was thought to be present on the battlefield in the form of a raven. Odin, the chief of the Norse gods, was accompanied by a pair of ravens, Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory), who would fly far and wide to bring news to Odin. One of Odin's names, Hrafnagud, means the 'Raven God'. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have observed the keen intelligence of this bird. It has a well-documented habit of deliberately revealing the whereabouts of deer, so that wolves can find their quarry, and leave spoils, which the ravens then eat. The indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest of North America were aware of the raven's multifaceted nature, and Raven was revered as a major deity and something of a trickster. He features frequently in the distinctive artwork of their culture. However Ravens impart meaning to you, wear these new leggings and embrace the many aspects of Raven's character: trickster, intelligent and wise. Be free to be you

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