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The Highland Bard

The Shaman Wand

The Shaman Wand

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Rocky Mountain Wands
Made by The Highland Bard right here in Estes Park, Colorado.
We use locally sourced aspen and pine wood collected by us on
private property. Storms and our high winds gift us with beautiful branches
that we turn into wands.

We turn, sand, polish and stain these wands by hand in our
workshop surrounded by stately pines and quaking aspens – absorbing
the energy of the trees and mountains as we create these wands for you.
Why wands? Well, doesn’t the world need a bit more magic?


Eadha, E
The Aspen is the Celtic tree of the autumn equinox. It is the nineteenth letter of
the ancient ogham alphabet.


In Celtic lore, the Aspen tree was the tree of heroes.  Wearing woven crowns of
trembling leaves gave them the power not only to visit the Underworld, but also to
return safely. Similarly, the aspen crowns were placed in ancient burial mounds.
This aided the spirits of the deceased on their return journey to be reborn.
The sacred aspen was also considered the Celtic whispering tree. The quivering
leaves helped the wind speak with the ancestors while also bearing gifts of
inspiration and poetry to those of this world.
In Greek mythology, poplar leaves were worn by heroes venturing into the
underworld. The leaves were thought to have the power to allow one to pass freely
between the worlds.
The Greek name for aspen is ‘aspis’ which literally means shield. This association
transferred over to Ireland where the aspen was known as the shield makers’ tree.
The Celts chose the lightweight wood of the aspen tree to make their shields which
were thought to protect them from spiritual more than physical harm.
The protective qualities of the aspen meant they were also often planted near
In Scotland, as a fairy tree, the aspen had taboos similar to the extremely sacred
rowan tree. To cut one down was akin to killing your fellow man.

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